Lasting power for natural products depends on a lot of different variables: humidity, exposure to water, bacteria from hands, etc. Keeping water out of your FM potion is especially crucial! (After all, water is life… ) Remember, we don’t use any chemical preservatives (and that’s a good thing!) so

even a drop can introduce a whole bunch of (unwanted) life to your prod and cause some pretty funky stuff to manifest quickly. We suggest keeping your product in a cool, dark, dry place and using a teaspoon to portion out a serving so that your hands don't potentially introduce unwanted bacteria. Keeping your dry cleansers (such as Earth Polish and Light as a Featha) out of the shower is the way to go. Also, make sure that the lid is always screwed on nice and tight to prevent humidity from creeping in. If treated and stored this way, most of our products should have a life span of about 6 months from the date of purchase (please check individual product listings for each potion's "use within" timeframe).